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Crate Nordic

The story of Crate Nordic so far.


Crate Nordic is an online marketplace that makes it easy to purchase locally produced, unique furniture and design directly from the Makers.

All products on Crate Nordic are personally produced and designed by one of the professional, Nordic makers, or in collaboration with other Nordic manufacturers. At Crate Nordic, the makers are the personal vendors with their own personal web shops.

Crate Nordic is a platform for all of us who values proper quality, personal stories behind the products, and local production and sustainability. At Crate Nordic we focus on every aspect of the furniture, which is why we have specific criteria regarding transparency about the people behind the products, the production processes and collaboration partners.

When you shop at Crate Nordic, you can trust that you’ll get something unique and personal – made from high quality materials and produced locally by professional makers.


Crate Nordic wishes to make it easier and more profitable for the small, independent Maker-businesses to produce and distribute unique furniture and design.
Crate Nordic wishes to support and retain local, Nordic production. First of all, the purpose of this is to strengthen and develop the proud traditions of craftsmanship and design in relation to furniture production, which has become a strong global brand since the mid 1900’s due to great designer icons and skillfully crafted products.

Crate Nordic wish to create a foundation that will help future generations of Nordic designers and cabinetmakers carry on the legacy from the icons and thus continue the proud traditions in a modern and global context with sales and export to an international market.


Crate Nordic facilitates the contact between customers and makers, with the purpose of making customized and locally produced furniture and design easily accessible.

Crate Nordic offers an alternative to the ”business-as-usual” mass-production. Crate Nordic focus on the production process and choice of material. In order to support our vision of a sustainable business in consideration of production process and choice of materials, everything that is sold through Crate Nordic must be locally produced in the Nordic, either solely by the Maker or in collaboration with a Nordic production partner.

Contact Us

Telephone: +45 28252456

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lykkesholms Allé 12
1902 Frederiksberg C.

CVR: 36428651

Our Team

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    Hjalte Betak

    Co-Founder & Tribal Chief

    Jonas Bager

    Co-Founder & Creative Captain

    Ragnhild Besser Mortensen

    PR & Communication

    Amelia Anthony

    Social Media, PR & Marketing

    Arslaan Khan

    Technical Marketing & SEO

    Jakub Lemiszewski

    Software Development

    Emil Godsk

    Software Development

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