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Crate Nordic

Makers’ Agreement

The website is controlled by:

Crate IVS (i.e. www.cratenordic.com henceforth referred to as Crate Nordic)

Cvr.: 36428651
Lykkeholms Allé 12,
1902 Frederiksberg C

Acceptance of Maker terms and conditions

When you use Crate Nordic for the purpose of making and using a Maker-profile, you accept the following Maker terms and conditions. The Maker accepts that she/he will use the platform in agreement with the written business conditions and guidelines.


Crate Nordic is an online marketplace of locally produces furniture and design bought directly from professional Nordic Makers. Crate Nordic facilitates the contact between Maker and Buyer, and Maker is thus responsible for the trade between these two.


As a Maker, you are able to set up your own personal web shop through which you can display and sell your unique products. Through your personal Maker profile you can determine the price of each product, and furthermore manage and overview products and orders.

Through Crate Nordic, the Buyer will be introduced to a broad and varied selection of quality products with the Maker as the personal vendor.

Using Crate Nordic

The Maker shops are independent businesses and hence set individual standards for pricing, processing time and shipping, which the Maker is obligated to inform about through their profile.


The shops at Crate Nordic are, however, obligated to meet current guidelines pertaining to transparency and credibility in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act and additional legislation. Additionally, shops are subject to the general terms and conditions applying to Makers using the website. It is required that Makers act in compliance with Crate’s terms and conditions. This applies especially to terms and conditions regarding delivery, and return- and complaint policies.


Terms and Conditions of products

All products that are displayed and sold through Crate Nordic must be personally designed or crafted by the Maker. As the personal vendor of locally produced products, the Maker is obliged to vouch for their personal involvement in the production process, as well to inform about any collaboration with any third parties relating to the product.


Selling and distributing prefabricated products is thus prohibited on Crate Nordic. Crate Nordic reserves the right to remove any products that do not live up to our product policies.

Product categories

Products on Crate Nordic will be placed in a particular product category. If the Maker does not think that there is a match between product and category, the Maker should contact Crate Nordic for support in order to find out whether it is possible to create a new category matching the product via contact@cratenordic.com

Material and production

As a central part of the Crate Nordic philosophy, we expect that Makers are ethically aware of their choice of materials and production methods and -processes. Additionally, we wish to emphasize that respectable work conditions and environmentally friendly production are of utmost importance.


As such, the production must, as an absolute minimum, at all times, live up to all statutory demands and requirements regarding the applied materials. Work conditions should also meet the statutory restrictions, standards, and requirements. Any Makers or products that do not live up to all the abovementioned requirements will, unreservedly, be excluded from Crate Nordic.

Delivery of the goods

Makers are obliged to act in accordance with the following guidelines regarding safe and complete delivery of the goods:


– The Maker is required to deliver the goods, when the order is complete.

– The Maker is required to inform the customer about duration of delivery.

– The Makers must individually decide which types of shipping their shop allows for each product and what the cost for shipping is. The costs of delivery are considered to be included in the price of the product if nothing else is mentioned.

– The Makers accept that they carry the risks pertaining to shipping of the products until they have been delivered. When the product is either A) in the possession of the customer or B) in the possession of any carrier with whom the customer have an agreement. This means that if the customer is using another carrier than the Maker is offering, the delivery is completed as soon as the product is handed over to this carrier.

– The Maker is responsible for a proper packaging of the product, which makes it suitable for transport.



In the case of refund, the following transactions take place:


  • Crate Nordic’s commission is transferred from Crate Nordic’s account to Maker’s account.
  • The amount is transferred from Maker’s account to Buyer’s account.


Return and complaint policies

If customers wish to cancel a purchase, or if they have complaints that justify refund, the contact should be directed towards Crate Nordic, who facilitates the contact between Customer and Maker. In so doing, Crate Nordic encourages Customer and Maker to settle upon a suitable agreement.


Lack of conformity

Customers have the right to complaint within 24 months – the Maker is responsible for any complaints within this period.

The Maker is obligated to act in accordance with the Customer’s request, if the product is not in compliance with either a) what the Maker promised or b) the Sale of Goods Act, and the Customer requires:

  • A new product that does live up to the promises.
  • A full refund.
  • An appropriate reduction of the price.

In the case of justified complaints, the Maker must pay all related expenditures, e.g. shipping, refund, and substitute products.


Return policies

The Customer has the right to cancel and return their purchase within 14 days from the date they receive the goods.

In case of cancellation, the Maker is required to repay the entire amount received from the customer, without any delay and no later than 14 days from the day the cancellation notification is received.

However, the Maker is not required to pay any additional costs in relation to returning the goods.



The standard return policy does not apply to Customized orders.



If any disputes should occur between the Customer and Maker, the parties should contact Crate Nordic, who, in correlation with the Danish E-mark, will be the mediator between the parties. If it is not possible to agree upon a solution, the dispute will be resolved in accordance to current Danish legislation.

Special obligations

– The Maker vouches for the data available on his/her profile. Any information or data displayed on Crate Nordic, provided by the Maker, must be correct and must not violate any statutory laws or third party rights.

– The Maker vouches for the content they upload on Crate Nordic. Content must not be unseemly nor criminal. Nor must the Maker upload any viruses, programs, software, or anything else that may harm or damage Crate Nordic.

– Should any suspicion about a Maker arise, Crate Nordic reserves the right to look into any of the Maker’s correspondences and his/her use of the website, and additionally shut down their profile and exclude them from any future use of Crate Nordic.


Unless anything else is informed, the Maker and Customer must comply with the existing rules on Crate Nordic regarding price setting. It is not allowed to arrange and agree upon other prices.


On Crate Nordic, it is possible to pay online through Quick Pay when the Maker and Customer engage in trade. In order to receive payments, Maker must give Crate Nordic access to their account information through their profile.


When using online payment, the purchase amount will be reserved on the Customer’s credit- or debit card when the deal between Customer and Maker is accepted. The Maker must not change the status of the order to “complete” until the good is produced and ready for delivery. When the order is registered as “complete” the purchase amount will be withdrawn from the Customer’s account. The amount will be transferred to the Maker’s account on the website, and the Maker can now choose to have the final amount transferred to his/her personal bank account.


The transaction time between the certified payment unit and Crate Nordic’s internal payment module can cause a 30 days delay from the purchase is complete until the Maker will be able to see his/her money on their Crate Nordic profile.


Crate Nordic charges a fixed service fee with every purchase.

From ultimo October 2015, the service fee will be 8 % including VAT. An additional payment method fee of 1,5% pr. sale will be added to the overall service fee.

Personal data

Crate Nordic protects and uses personal information, data, and credit information with utmost consideration and safety, and in compliance with existing rules and regulations regarding user protection. Find additional information in Privacy Policy.

Intellectual property rights

The Maker accepts that all material that is not protected by the privacy policy, which is uploaded to Crate Nordic, can be used, free of charge, by Crate Nordic on their website and all related services. This includes, but is not limited to, newsletters on related platforms, press material, or other marketing material.


Crate Nordic is solely the facilitator between Maker and Customer and it is thus Maker who is the actual trade partner.


Makers and Customers use Crate Nordic at their own risk. The Maker cannot direct any claims towards Crate Nordic in the case of direct or indirect loss, and Crate Nordic disclaims any responsibility in compliance with and consideration of existing laws and regulations.


The Maker acknowledges and accepts that Crate Nordic cannot be held responsible for the trade between Maker and Customer. The planning of, completing, and responsibility pertaining to the purchase agreement relies solely on the Maker and the Customer.


The Maker hereby vouches for the Customer’s rights in compliance with the Sale of Goods act and laws pertaining consumer rights.

Changes in Maker Agreement

Crate Nordic reserves the right to modify the Maker Agreement.

If changes should be made, the Maker will be informed via e-mail, and the changes will additionally appear on www.cratenordic.com.

Breach of agreement

Crate Nordic reserves the right to assess if the platform has been subject to any breach of rules of conduct that are established in the Maker Agreement and elsewhere.


If Maker fails to meet the existing requirements and guidelines pertaining to the use of Crate Nordic, we will initially enter a dialog and offer guidance and advice about changes that is satisfying to both parties. If it is not possible to reach mutual agreement, Crate Nordic reserves the right to shut down any Maker shops and profiles that do not cooperate or fail to live up to the established rules and guidelines. Additionally, Crate Nordic reserves the right to remove all products that do not live up to our rules and regulations.

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