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Molberg Design, is a young Danish company that is dedicated to producing unique, and raw hand carved tree furniture, by Danish tree, inspired by the nature and its original, organic design. We are only the hardworking hands and creative souls, while nature is the designer. It all started with a curiosity - we were curious as to why we don’t make more use of the nature’s own beauty and unique outlines. At Molberg, we call it the nature’s original design, which means that the nature already has created great products that we simply adjust and arrange. All Molberg products are made from hand-carved Danish tree, supporting Molberg’s wishes to draw attention to the unique resources the Danish nature has to offer. The HANDS: All our products have been through a similar process, and yet no two products are similar. Each product has its own personality and is a result of a great idea and aesthetic elegance in combination with nature’s own raw twist. Jonas Molberg and his father have inspected the different trees and have formed the products on the basis of the unique shape and complexity of each tree. Thus, the product is in line with the tree’s original shape and quirkiness. These special products have been made in the family’s backyard with the help of various special tools and good old fashion craftsmanship. MOLBERG DESIGN: Today the Molberg products are created in collaboration with other tree specialists, who have decades of experience in working with and handling tree products. These specialists are motivated by a passion for the trees’ particular expression and they are a part of Molberg’s professional sparring partners and suppliers. Nature contributes with the design – we contribute with the hardworking hands.

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