Picture of product The Fundi Chair FM101 by Fundi Furniture at cratenordic.com category sideboards
Picture of product The Fundi Chair FM101 by Fundi Furniture at cratenordic.com category sideboards

Fundi Sideboard

By Fundi Furniture

DKK 45.000,00

Oak roll-front sideboard in natural or smoked oak with covers in a variety of colors.

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Oak roll-front sideboard. The sideboard is available in natural- and smoked oak, and the roll-front is made from oak and laminate, and is available in a broad selection of colors.

The sideboard is divided into four sections, in which the shelves and drawers are adjustable. You can move them around and personalize it to fit your exact needs. The sideboard is supposed to be a furniture perfect for the study and the living room. You can thus adjust the shelves and drawers in order to make room for your plates, glass, and your cutlery, or to make room for your briefcases and books.

The sideboard is elegant and colorful. It will brighten up every dingy study room, and it will add a playful twist to every living room.

Ready to ship in 4-6 weeks from Denmark

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The idea behind FUNDI Furniture came to me during my apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. I had a strong wish to combine the quality that comes with craftsmanship with modern and functional designs. That’s the reason why, after graduating my exams in 2011, I founded FUNDI Furniture. In collaboration with my clients, I form the furniture from sketch to finished design. With a starting point in my knowledge about the strengths of different material, I guide my clients in choosing the best-suited types of wood for the specific purposes. I carefully choose the suppliers and personally vouch for the quality of the materials. Sustainable materials and considerate regulations of the woods are important factors when I make my choice. I want to give the client an experience of having unique and beautiful furniture. That is why I pay much attention to detail and make sure, the furniture represents the best quality craftsmanship has to offer. That way, the furniture is able to last for a long time. I want to create long lasting furniture that can pass on through generations. That is why I strive to make timeless and simple designs with inspiration from some of the great Danish designers.

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