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Gooroo Rack Wing is a functional and environmentally friendly drying rack wing. The wing fits over an interior door and makes no lines across your clothes. The design is Danish and Gooroo uses Danish and North European materials and Danish production at a social enterprise.

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Gooroo Rack Wing is a functional and environmentally friendly drying rack wing. The wing fits over an interior door (up to 38mm thick) and certain balcony railings so you can dry smaller amounts of clothes and can hang shirts and dresses without them touching the floor. There are thick pipes in wing so you will not get lines across your clothes. The wing is made from Danish ash wood which has been treated with biodegradable oil, and from North French acid-resistant steel. Acid-resistant steel is better than stainless steel so the wing can be used outside as well. Maybe you have e.g. a balcony railing where the wing brackets fit over.

Gooroo is the company behind the wing and it is Jannie Sørensen who runs it. She is involved in all parts of the making of Gooroo’s furniture from design to production. And it is also Jannie that you will meet through email and on the phone. It is Jannie who chooses the materials and decide that the wood must be Danish and that the steel – which Denmark does not produce – has to come from manufacturers located as close to Denmark ask possible.

The design is Danish. Poul Christiansen has designed the rack with functional input from Jannie. Poul has many really beautiful and very detailed designs on his résumé. If you look him up you will e.g. find many folded lamp designs that have rarely been matched since. His eye for detail is e.g. visible in Gooroo Rack’s legs that fold seamlessly underneath each other. And in the brackets which are multifunctional.

Production takes place in Denmark. Different processes are done by various vendors. The far majority of them and all of the assembly process is handled by the social enterprise in Roskilde. If Gooroo should be lucky enough to create jobs then it would be a tremendous bonus to be able to give them to those who would have to fight extra hard to get a job.

The hope with Gooroo’s products is to give you a little more time with a smile on your face and a little extra time to do what you really love. Look out for more products from Gooroo over the coming months.

Do what you love!


More facts: Hight 8cm. Width 56 cm. Length incl. brackets 65cm. Clearance inside brackets 4cm. Drying capacity 4.7m.

Delivery is 2 weeks at the moment because I have a small stock. I always find an exact delivery date and time so the wing will be delivered when you are home. We do not want it standing outside for anyone to take. So you will probably have your wing within the 2 weeks. Delivery time can sometimes also be long. 3-6 months. That is because the production is done when it is viable both environmentally and of course financially.

Ready to ship in 6-8 weeks from Denmark

Shipping Calculation:

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 70 x 8 x 60 cm

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